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The Right to Access Information is a fundamental human right, subdivided from the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression. Every person has the right to know what their representatives are implementing within the framework of the state administration, on their behalf, with society’s wealth and how services are being provided to them within the public interest.

This right is one of the key tools for enhancing transparency in public administration, as well as helping to enhance the trust in the state and its administrations in general.

This course aims to identify the details of these mechanisms and how they operate within the framework of constitutional principles, international standards and Law No.28/2017 ؛ The Right to Access Information, which guarantees and regulates the right of access to information.

Course Curriculum

4 Lessons

  • Standards and guarantees protecting the Right to Access Information 18 min
  • The adopted standards for the regulation of the Right to Access Information 18 min
  • The path and executive decree of the Law on the Right to Access Information 20 min
  • Explaining the administrative decisions and the Information Officer 12 min

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  • Free
  • Instructor Mohammad Moghabat
  • Category Anti-Corruption Legal Framework
  • Enrolled 81 Students
  • Duration 70 min
  • Lectures 4 Lectures
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