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Explore a concise, self-paced course tailored for those interested in comprehending how corruption impacts healthcare systems in emergencies. This course caters to a diverse audience, including public health professionals, public officials, civil society organizations, researchers, and the general public. Participants will gain insight into the role of corruption in health crises, its implications on healthcare systems and outcomes, and an understanding of the factors that drive corruption during emergencies. Additionally, the course equips individuals with diverse measures to prevent, detect, and respond to corruption within healthcare systems during critical periods.

Course Curriculum

3 Lessons

  • Emergency response during Disasters 2 min 11 sec
  • Transparency in the disclosure of aid-related information 2 min 23 sec
  • Procurement criteria during aid management 1 min 45 sec

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  • Free
  • Instructor Transparency International Lebanon No Corruption
  • Category Anti-Corruption Legal Framework
  • Enrolled 15 Students
  • Duration 6 Min.
  • Lectures 3 Lectures
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